An Atheist Believes Africa Needs God, article by Matthew Parris

A composed satellite photograph of Africa.
Satellite View of Africa

Matthew Parris, a self-avowed atheist, is a columnist for The Times Online, a London news magazine. He grew up in Africa and had the opportunity to return there. During his visit, he was confronted again with the positive difference Christianity made in the African peoples’ lives. The article is linked below. Here is an excerpt:

We had friends who were missionaries, and as a child I stayed often with them; I also stayed, alone with my little brother, in a traditional rural African village. In the city we had working for us Africans who had converted and were strong believers. The Christians were always different. Far from having cowed or confined its converts, their faith appeared to have liberated and relaxed them. There was a liveliness, a curiosity, an engagement with the world – a directness in their dealings with others – that seemed to be missing in traditional African life. They stood tall.

As an atheist, I truly believe Africa needs God | Matthew Parris – Times Online.

Our experience has been similar. The Christians among the Palawano people are those courageous enough to interact with the outside world, and do things that will help their people as a whole.

Jesus said, “My purpose is to give them a rich and satisfying life.” (John 10:10 in NLT)

My question: What can Jesus possibly mean when he says he wants to give us a rich and satisfying life? Can we believe him? Is that the truth? What do you think, and what has your experience been in that area? Please leave a comment below.

Read the article linked above and be encouraged. This is a re-post as I feel this article continues to be current and relevant. Click to follow this blog by email to be updated about other related issues.

2 thoughts on “An Atheist Believes Africa Needs God, article by Matthew Parris”

  1. I have known and served the Lord for most of my life. I have been privileged to experience poverty and riches. Growing up, there were days I had nothing to neither eat nor provision for the next day, week, month or year, but, I believed God would provide and he never failed. Most of the time, God used other believers to meet my needs at my hour of need. Afterwards, as a worker, I had so much that I gave to the needs of others.
    By the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross, Christians do not only have access to God at all times, we also have abundant life. I have never lacked anything good, he provides me with all life necessities at the appointed time. The blessing of the lord makes his children rich and adds no sorry to it.
    I have learnt to seek him in everything and wait patiently, he always answers.

    1. Thank you for sharing your story, fshade. It is beautiful to read of how much your relationship with God means to you. We, too, have experienced God’s provision for us many many times over the years. Sometimes it was literally our next meal, sometimes it is spiritual encouragement, sometimes it is mental peace of mind. God is good and faithful, no matter who we are or where we are, isn’t he?

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